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SIM Goals

Illinois will use the SIM design process to enhance the current health care system and achieve the Triple Aim: better health for the population, better health for individuals, and lower per capita costs. To achieve this aim, Illinois has identified the following primary drivers:

The State has identified behavioral health (mental health and substance abuse) to be a significant issue across Illinois. Therefore, the State will work to identify recommendations to improve the behavioral health system, including better care coordination for individuals who have behavioral and physical health conditions. One possible solution is to assist managed care organizations (MCOs) and providers to enhance care coordination and service linkages. Another is to enhance provider and community supports to ensure patients are placed in the most appropriate and affordable setting. The State will also consider recommendations to improve data sharing across payers and behavioral and physical health providers. In addition, the State will consider a common set of quality measures to evaluate progress towards better care for people with behavioral and physical health conditions.

The following diagram illustrates how Illinois will work to improve the health care system: