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Industrial Arts

Machine with guard
Machines and power tools in the industrial arts classroom can be dangerous if not used properly. Students should not operate any equipment with which they are not familiar. Machines should have guards on them to protect students from injuring themselves.
Machine with guard

Personal protective equipment
It is important to wear proper personal protective equipment when working in the industrial arts classroom. Safety glasses, gloves, aprons, dust masks and earplugs reduce the risk of accidents.

Safety goggles

Locked storage room
One of the best ways to reduce the chance of accidents in the industrial arts classroom is to make sure that certain paints, chemicals, glues and machines are locked in a storage room that limits student access. Storage rooms should be ventilated and kept at room temperature to prevent chemical reactions.

Locked storage cabinet

First aid kit and eye wash station
The industrial arts classroom should have a first aid kit and eye wash station. It is important to have a way to rinse a person’s eyes for at least 10-15 minutes if contamination occurs. Some of the eyewash bottles that are sold for this purpose do not sufficiently flush the eyes. If necessary, an eyewash can be created by using an existing water tap and a handheld shower attachment. Students and staff should know where and how to use the classroom’s first aid kit and eye wash station.

Eye wash station

Dust collection system and spot tube
Students and staff need to work in classrooms that provide proper ventilation. Sawdust and small particles floating around the classroom can cause respiratory and eye irritation. Having a dust collection system in place will ensure that those fine particles can be removed and disposed of properly. In a welding class, spot (tube) ventilation or air purifiers should be in place to vent those areas where welding is being done.

Dust collection system and spot tube

Metal machine parts and metal scraps
Metal machines and metal scraps pose a great risk to students and staff in the industrial arts classroom. Metal machines and scraps should be handled with proper personal protective equipment; metal scraps should be swept up and recycled or properly disposed.

Metal scraps

Tires should be kept inside the automotive classroom to prevent them from collecting rainwater outside. Tires that collect water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Tires that are no longer being used should be properly recycled.


Safety jacks
Safety jacks should be used when working on cars to prevent vehicles from rolling or falling on students and staff. Hydraulic jacks can run out of fluid and possibly fail.

Safety jack

Oil container
Oil should always be placed in a container that prevents it from spilling and interacting with other chemicals in the classroom. Oil that is no longer being used should be properly recycled.

Oil container

Electrical wiring and outlets
All outlets should be grounded. Any frayed wiring should be replaced by someone who has experience working with electricity.

Electrical wiring and outlets