Illinois Naloxone Standing Order

Naloxone (Narcan®, Evzio®) is an over-the-counter drug that can stop an opioid overdose. Anyone can easily use naloxone to save the life of someone overdosing on opioids, including heroine or prescription medicines like OxyContin® or Percocet®.

The Illinois Naloxone Standardized Protocol is approved by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, the Department of Public Health, and the Department of Human Services to provide guidance on the response to suspected opioid overdose and the administration of naloxone. This document updates the previous “Naloxone Standardized Procedures” issued in 2015.

The Naloxone Standing Order allows eligible entities, namely pharmacies and opioid overdose education and naloxone distribution (OEND) programs to provide naloxone to any requesting person with the intent to respond to a suspected opioid overdose without a direct prescription. The order allows insurers, including Medicaid and Medicare to cover the cost of naloxone. Eligible entities must complete approved training and education on naloxone administration to access the order.

Pharmacies utilizing the order must report naloxone dispensing information to the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program. OEND programs utilizing the order must register with the Department of Human Services, Division on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Drug Overdose Prevention Program.