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Database and Datafile Resource Guide

The Database and Datafile Resource Guide (DDRG) was developed to identify the data elements collected within the Illinois Department of Public Health. It was common knowledge that information about mosquitos or asbestos was collected in the Division of Environmental Health, but not many knew in which section or which program or, more specifically, who to contact. There was less general knowledge about where to find variables or programs such as phenylketonuria, positron emission tomography, fatal occupation injuries, primary care physicians lists or licensed plumber information.

The purpose of the DDRG is to provide a compendium of databases and datafiles (electronic or paper) used within the Department which lists variables collected, the name and telephone number of the contact person, limitations on the use of data and other needed and useful information. The DDRG is designed to be a resource guide for anyone in need of the information already collected and housed somewhere in the Department.

To view the DDRG, click on view DDRG.

For questions regarding a particular database, please call the listed contact phone number.
Database last updated: 10/21/2003 10:30:10 AM

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